Our members' meetings are held every third Sunday, at 2:00pm in our classroom and meeting room.

Remember to bring samples or photos of your work for show-and-tell. Guests welcome!

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Our Mission

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Our Monthly Networking Meetings

Our Location

2604 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL, USA


Our co-operative art gallery, St. Pete ArtWorks, is located in the heart of the Downtown St. Petersburg Grand Central District at 2604 Central Avenue. We feature the artwork of 27 of our gallery members in a wide variety of media. During Second Saturday Art Walk in Downtown St. Petersburg, we showcase local talented musicians. We have featured artist exhibitions monthly, which open during the second Saturday Art Walk.

GCAA Cirque du Surreal 2011 showing the work of Boo Ehrsam and Sheree Rensel

Gulf Coast Artists' Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Our mission is to provide the local art community with an opportunity to network, share resources, conduct workshops and classes, and hold exhibitions. GCAA is a 100% volunteer staffed organization.

Daniel Anderson Painting

Gail Anderson Jewelry
Asha Arden Painting

Wasil Bakowicz Mixed Media

Micki Barrow Painting/Collage

Barbara Beyhl Painting

Summer Dicus Boydstun Painting, Drawing

Teddy Brown Mixed Media

Jessica Burnett Painting

Patricia Lynn Painting

Rick Ceaser Drawing; Painting

Patricia Calixte Ceramics

Richard Canary Upcycled Jewelry

Dorine Chambers  Painting; Mixed Media

Pat Chase Painting

​Rudy Conquet Photographic Collage

Robert Cornman Painting

Robyn Crosa Mixed Media

Marie Cummings Watermedia

Judith Curtis Painting

MJ Dicus Painting, Drawing

Patti Drake  Mixed Media

Judith Durling  Painting; Jewelry

Nancy Eggert Shabby Chic Furniture; Mixed Media Sculpture
Boo Ehrsam Multi-media

Echo  Painting

David Larson Evans Painting

Eunice Fisher Illustration
Anne Marie Fraley Painting/Jewelry

Carrie Freitag Jewelry; Mixed Media

Mark Fulco

Naomi L. Gee  Fiber arts; Mixed media

Martha Gipson Painting

Heather Grzelka

James Hartzell Painting

John Haseney Painting

Jay Herres Painting

Brianna Huth Painting

Roni Jacks

Donna Jassmann Mixed Media/Painting

Rasa Kay Mixed Media

Kay Keeling Mixed Media

Jenny King Painting

Allison Knight Painting

Janice Kolacy Painting

Nancy Koch Photography

Kim LaFond Painting 

Diana Laurinaitiene Painting

Leonard Lewis Painting

Kay Lucier Painting

Dejon Moss aka DSCRAT Painting

Kevin "Nodz" Nodland Painting, Graphics

Bruce Norris Painting

Linda Oliver Painting; Mixed Media

Polly Perkins Printmaking

Rasti Petko Painting/Drawing 

Andrew Phillips Mixed Media  

Donna Plunkett Mixed Media

Dawn Pratt Mixed Media/Painting 

Yank Price (Teazer) Mixed Media

Kathy Primm Painting

Ed Quigley Digital Art

Rebecca Quigley Textiles and Mixed Media  
Inna Rand

John Richardson "Savelli" Sculpture/Mixed Media

Sarah Ricci Painting

Deirdre Rivera  Painting

Vanya Robinson Jewelry

Rona Rollins

Lourdes Rosas-Rasdall Glass, Watermedia, Mixed Media

Carole Rosefelt Painting; Jewelry

Elizabeth Galway Ross  Painting

Sarah Ruehmann Stained Glass; Mixed Media

Steve Sanderson Painting

Carole Shelton Jewelry
Adrian Smith

Richard Stewart Photography

Judy Vienneau Sculpture; Mixed Media

Steve Watters  Photography

Jodi Watkins Painting

Trish Whitney Painting

Ava Young Mixed Media